Nick Galov

Writer, Editor, and Project Manager in Sofia, Bulgaria

Nick Galov

Writer, Editor, and Project Manager in Sofia, Bulgaria

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I am the site manager of Hosting Tribunal.

I have years of hands-on experience with web hosting companies, big and small, as a customer, technical support agent, and junior system administrator.

Back in 2010, I started as a customer support agent for a US host. At first, I was clueless, barely knew what a domain name meant. Six months later, I made my way to the technical support team, where the real acquisition of knowledge began.

The following year, the wanderlust within was too powerful to bear, so I changed continents and became a professional writer. Soon enough, I had a team to manage and edit.

After two years in Asia, I came back home and returned to my old hosting company. 12 months later, I was offered the position of team leader, with the potential to become a supervisor, but I turned it down because another company had already approached me.

This gig didn’t last, as the real working conditions and those promised upon hiring were severely misaligned. I quit and joined one UK hosting company.

In about five months I became part of its second tier of support, with moderate sysadmin duties.

A full year rolled by, and I was offered the option to become supervisor of the email support team. It’s funny how history repeats itself because at that time I was offered another position at a company that provided IT infrastructure to corporate clients.

The position was junior system administrator. I accepted the new offer, mostly because the job was much closer to home and had better working hours. I was about to become a father, so spending longer hours at home was crucial.

I worked there over a year before moving to South America. I learned a bit about Windows servers and networking, which was a nice addition to the working Linux knowledge I had accrued over the years.

In South America, I began working on, which kept me in the loop. I tested freely various hosting services, did R&D, and enriched my theoretical knowledge.

I now know the industry well enough to realize that there is a lot of room for improvement.

That's why I launched, home of detailed, unbiased reviews that rely on real-time data and extensive monitoring.

My ultimate goal is to help users find reliable hosting providers and to improve the hosting industry as a whole, through honest reporting, user feedback, and objective service evaluation.

That's the main reason why I am helping the folks over at with their remarkable efforts.

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